Organic Fertilizer : Know the Nutrients

Humans need their proteins and carbohydrates to survive. Similarly, plants need nutrients to thrive. You must know that plants need Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium and some other nutrients to grow. But you should also know how and when plants need these nutrients.

Following are the advantages of Organic Fertilizer

1. Potassium

Potassium-rich plants are great for encouraging resilience to stress. A few potassium-rich plants that can be used to boost the growth of other plants are Dandelion, Comfrey, alliums (garlic, leek, and chives).

2. Nitrogen

Nitrogen should be used in the early stages of leaf and stem development of a plant, and used in the season when the plants start flowering. A few nitrogen-rich plants are common mallow, stinging nettle and comfrey. 

3. Phosporous

Phosphorus aids in the strong root growth at the start of the growing season, especially on developing root crops or new transplants.

Also, know the labeling system that the industry has standardized on. Each label will list N-P-K numbers and in that order. The N stands for nitrogen, the P for phosphorus and the K for potassium. An organic fertilizer will generally have an NPK ratio that adds up to less than 15 and with no individual number greater than thirteen. If you see big numbers on the label, chances are it’s chemical rather than organic. A “6-12-0” fertilizer contains 6 percent nitrogen, 12 percent phosphate and 0 percent potash. A hundred pound bag of this material would contain six pounds of nitrogen (100 x .96), 12 pounds of phosphate (11 x .12) and no potash.

Lower numbers do not mean low grade. In the case of organic fertilizers it just means that the nutrients aren’t immediately available, but are released slowly over time. Note: It is our opinion that some fertilizer companies use high NPK ratios purely for marketing purposes. The “more must be better” philosophy is alive and well in the industry…but does a lawn really require a fertilizer that consists of 60% nitrogen?

Fertilizers with ingredient lines that include words like ammonium, muriate, urea, nitrate, phosphoric, or super phosphate usually are chemical-based rather than an organic fertilizer.

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