About Us

About the Company

Summer Safe Crop is a joint venture of prominent companies in Sri Lanka,  Sadisi Bio fertilizers Pvt Ltd and  Lanka Nature Power (Pvt) Ltd, who are the giants in Organic Bio- fertilizer industry and renewable energy  industry respectively, joining hands to gift a environmental healthy, sustainable solution for Sri Lankan Organic Agriculture.

Organic agriculture in Sri Lanka has created a demand in the field of organic agricultural soil and plant inputs. This requirement has led us to initiate the Summer Safe Crop with the intention of providing a total solution for this demand.

Our priorities cover, production of organic soil and plant inputs such as organic composts and liquid fertilizer, provides agriculture extension services and organic agriculture consultancy services for the farmers.

SSC is engaged in developing innovative products, new agricultural practices, new organic agriculture technology and knowledge to support the Sri Lankan agriculture community with the intension of developing and assisting organic agricultural Industry.

what we believe


Our Vision

Sustaining the environment by providing the best organic input solutions


Our Mission

Introduce and innovate novel product solutions with expertise knowledge and giving optimum solution to control green house gas emission and durable solution for renewable energy wastage to ensure the environmental health.


our objectives

To be the best and the most successful organic bio-fertilizer input provider for the Si Lankan farmer society by blending novel ideas and provide sustainable solutions for current environment issues.

The Joint Venture

Summer Safe Crop Pvt Ltd. is a joint venture of prominent companies in Sri Lanka,  Sadisi Bio fertilizers Pvt Ltd and  Lanka Nature Power (Pvt) Ltd

Lanka Nature Power

A BOI approved venture that functions planning, implementing and managing renewable energy projects with the rural communities in Sri Lanka. The aim of the endeavour is to generate electricity via renewable energy sources and trading with the Ceylon Electricity Board while engaging and empowering the locality in the process.

Sadisi Bio Fertilizer

Sadisi Bio-fertilizer (PVt) Ltd. is a pioneer in the large scale bio-fertilizer industry that consists of fertilizer experts, soil scientists and with strategic business experts with the vision of enhancing the organic agriculture input in Sri Lanka and exporting them to gain foreign exchange to the betterment of the Sri Lankan economy.

Our Strengths

Sound Technical Knowledge

Expertise in the Industry & Field

Skillful & Competent Staff

Accreditations & Certifications

Quality Control & Assurance

Adaptability and Innovative Skills